Shampoo Bars NOT Bottles

choose a shampoo bar rather than a bottle

A while ago I gave my shampoo bottle the evil eye in fact plastic bottles of all sorts have been banned in my house for quite some time.

So how do I wash my hair? I could head to my nearest bulk food shop and refill my old shampoo bottle but there aren’t any near me instead my solution came in a little cardboard box.

Yes, I bought a shampoo bar! The perfect solution — no more plastic and my hair has never been so soft. This little bar of all natural goodness has not only provided the solution but ultimately it’s an IMPROVEMENT in so many ways.  It’s packed full of all natural ingredients that clean and protect my hair, is biodegradable, palm oil free, vegan, paraben free and detergent free.

At first sight it seemed a tad expensive for its size and I wasn’t sure it would last as long as a litre bottle of shampoo but I gave it a go and I haven’t looked back. The bonus —I don’t need conditioner anymore because my shampoos bar does both and it has lasted as long as my litre bottle used to last. Wow what a win-win. And even better – it is made in Australia.

We now sell these shampoo bars so you too can enjoy this next step in your plastic free journey.

Handy Tip

The trick with the shampoo bar is to make sure it dries about between uses otherwise it will turn into jelly and disappear in a flash. Each time after washing your hair simply sit the soap somewhere it won't get wet or hang it in an Onya produce bag to dry.

shampoo bar