Upcycling – a gift that keeps on giving

Upcycling gift ideas

Why not give a gift made by upcycling this year. With three weeks to Mother's Day there is still time to plan a great way to breath new life into tired old objects hanging around your home. With a little bit of time, some unused items and a sprinkle of innovation you can create a Mother’s Day gift that she will treasure forever. The planet will thank you too.

  • A rickety old ladder can become a vertical shoe organiser or it can be suspended to hang pots and pans if you have a high ceiling. Cut into sections it can be transformed to add focus to photos or a painting. Check out the link below for more ideas …..
  • Transform worn out jeans into a  braided denim rug.
  • A glass jar with some floral infused Epsom salts and recycled ribbon makes a beautiful bath soak.
  • Transform tired old t-shirts into an infinity scarf  or
  • Get grubby -  DIY a herb garden from recycled objects
  • In the garden it can be as simple as taking a cutting from your favourite plant, dipping it in a little honey and popping it into a found object such as an old boot or cracked pot – that has its own appeal. With a little soil and water you’ll grow a brand new plant ready to gift to your Mum.
  • Or you might like to follow this step-by-step guide to making a kokodama.

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Have fun creating

Sue and Nikki