5 ways to reduce single use plastic

Five simple swaps to kickstart your plastic free journey

swap plastic for reusables

We all know the planet is struggling to cope with our single use throw away world so it is  WONDERFUL that you want to make a change. THANK YOU. We’ve been working on our list of the top five EASY SWAPS you can make to be living more sustainably.

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1.With more than 2.7 million takeaway coffee cups sent to landfill every year making the switch to a reusable coffee cup will make a big impact.

Using reusable bags for fruit and veg, pasta, oats, flour and more.

2. Saying goodbye to single use plastic bags for fruit and vegies and bulk bin food items has been made easy with a range of reusable produce bags. You can choose from organic cotton, organic cotton net and RPET mesh bags. Say good buy to pre-package and hello to buying it loose.

Avocado in a beeswax wrap

3. Are you still reaching for the cling wrap in your kitchen? It seems so convenient BUT at a HUGE cost to the planet. Beeswax wraps are the ideal reusable alternative to cling wrap in the kitchen. They are very versatile and keep food fresh for longer.


4. Tap water is almost 2000% cheaper than bottled water. Using a reusable drink bottle will save you and the planet. And if you are concerned about the taste we recommend installing a water filter.

Bring your own reusable cutlery

5. Don't get caught short when you are out and about. Keep a set of reusable cutlery and a straw in your glove box or handbag. It is so very easy to be ready for the next drink or take away meal.

Changing habits can feel like a challenge but taking one step at a time and choosing to swap to reusables in your daily life quickly becomes YOUR NEW NORM.  Help now to repair and protect the planet for the next generation.  Don't wait one more minute to take your next step. Once you open your eyes to the landfill we are all creating when we choose single use items you'll be glad you made the change.

Lets give our children and grandchildren a brighter future. They really will thank us.

Sue and Nikki