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Bee-Tastic Beeswax Produce Storage Bags

We a have a convenient plastic free solution to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh in the fridge helping you to reduce food waste.

lettuce in medium bag
broccoli in a large beeswax produce bag
cauliflower in a beeswax produce bag
medium beeswax produce bags with carrots

Easy to use

Our waterproof, self sealing beeswax produce storage bags are simple and easy to use. After buying your fruit and vegetables in your reusable produce bags follow our storage guide and pop the vegetables that need a little extra care and attention into your beeswax produce storage bags and then they are ready to go in the fridge.

It's as easy as that - no wrapping, just fold down the top and seal with the warmth of your hands.

To clean your bags simply wash them in cool soapy water and leave them open to air dry.

Keeps food fresh

Since ditching plastic bags do you find some of your fresh fruit and vegetables just don't last as long in the fridge before they start to wilt or go rubbery?

Going plastic free doesn't mean you can't have crispy, crunchy fruit and vegetables.  Beeswax produce storage bags are waterproof and breathable providing the ideal environment for vegetables that like a little extra protection in the fridge.

Beeswax produce storage bags cut down on food waste saving you money.

Choose by size...

Large bags - 39cm x 34cm

Medium bags - 33cm x 27cm

Small bags - coming soon
Plastic Bags vs Bee-Tastic_V3

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