Lunchbox Musings

By Nikki Beckinsale | February 21, 2019

Finding the perfect lunchbox is tricky it needs to the right size and shape, easy to use, not too expensive and definitely not plastic. Over the last 12 years we tried and tested so many different types โ€“ most simply didnโ€™t last. On this journey we graduated to stainless steel containers with plastic lids and…

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I love my produce bags!

By Nikki Beckinsale | February 12, 2019

Our first step on our plastic free journey was to eliminate single use plastic bags!! Not just the ones at the checkout but also the ones used to store my fresh produce in the crisper. There had to be a way. I (Nikki) started by recycling some old calico flour bags, perfect for a couple…

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How to make Nori Snacks

By Nikki Beckinsale | February 5, 2019

Our three boys are active healthy kids and Iโ€™m always on the look out for healthy gluten free snacks that donโ€™t come covered in plastic. Nori snacks are a great treat but they come in individual snack packs made from plastic and include a plastic tray!! As my awareness grows of the how ubiquitous single…

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