Keeping Your Reusable Water Bottle Clean and Healthy

By Musical Adventures | October 7, 2019

When was the last time you cleaned your reusable water bottle? This is a gentle reminder to clean your water bottle regularly because from your first sip of water each time you use your bottle whatever was on your lips or in your mouth leaves traces in your remaining water. Yes even bits of food…

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Vegies Love the all New Bee-Tastic Produce Storage Bags 

By Musical Adventures | September 3, 2019

We meet conscious consumers all the time — people trying to do the right thing for their health and the planet. It’s inspiring to meet others sharing our journey and we often have an ah ha moment when we realise that they are experiencing the same challenges as we are. One of these ah ha…

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Squeaky Clean

By Musical Adventures | July 30, 2019

Sometimes a cleaning cloth is just not enough and I like to be able to reach for a great all-purposes cleaner. It been years since I have bought a pre-made cleaning product and over time I have experimented with different combinations to tackle a range of problems around our house.   The supermarket shelves are…

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