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Large Washed Cotton Beeswax Wraps


Large wraps are ideal for covering a cut watermelon, big salad bowls, wrapping a delicious sandwich for your lunch or storing leftovers on a plate in the fridge.

Size: 34cmx34cm

We only use local Australian bees wax, pine resin, organic coconut oil and jojoba oil on washed cotton fabric to create these practical reusable wraps with natural antibacterial properties.

Care Instructions: Wash your wrap in cool water with a mild soap, rinse and air dry. Fold and store in your kitchen cupboard or drawer. We recommend washing your wraps before use.

Never use in microwaves, ovens or dishwashers.

We don’t recommend covering meat and meat products.

Wraps used following these care instructions generally last a year or more

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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