Onya Bread Bags


The Onya Bread Bags have been made to Australian Bakers Industry Standards and are designed to replace single use plastic bags normally used at bakeries. These bags are also ideal for keeping bread in the freezer.

No need to use a plastic tie or clip to close the Onya Bread Bags. The Onya bag comes with a unique roll and clip closure system to ensure maximum freshness is maintained by reducing air movement around the bread.

Onya Bread Bags are ideal for collecting bread from the bakery and freezing it at home. Bread in an Onya bag will last for only 2-3 days on the kitchen bench (ideal for toast after 24 hours) and up to 3 months in a frost free freezer and without getting freezer burn.

Care Instructions: There is no need to clean your bread bags just simply pull out the liner and shake out any crumbs. If you do want to clean your Onya Bread Bag we recommend handwashing only in lukewarm water, as the metal buckles may get damaged or do damage to the interior of a washing machine.

Onya Bread Bags are 41cm long x 25.5cm wide with a 10cm gussett, made to Australian Bakers Industry Standards and have a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Onya Bread Bags are a great way help you reduce single use plastic when buying bread from a bakery, they have not been designed to make bread last longer on the bench top. Check out our Reusable Produce Bags, they are another great way to reduce single use plastic when you’re shopping

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