Twin Medium Pack – Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles Beeswax Wraps


Medium beeswax wraps are a popular size for covering a bowl or wrapping a small piece of cut pumpkin or pineapple. If you hate the sticky mess when you wrap pineapple in plastic wrap try a beeswax wrap, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

The medium size wrap is also handy in your children’s lunch box to cover a salad wrap of small sandwich.

The Twin Medium Pack includes: 2 x medium wraps, 28cmx27cm

We only use local Australian beeswax, pine resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil on Oeko-Tex 100 cotton fabric to create these practical reusable wraps with natural antibacterial properties.

For more information on the Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles certification visit our FAQ page.

Care Instructions: Wash your wrap in cool water with a mild soap, rinse and air dry. Fold and store in your kitchen cupboard or drawer. We recommend washing your wraps before use.

Never use in microwaves, ovens or dishwashers.

We don’t recommend covering meat and meat products.

Wraps used following these care instructions generally last a year or more