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Gluten Free Sausage Rolls

10 July 2021

Our Gluten Free Sausage Roll Recipe Are you looking for a gluten free sausage roll recipe that actually works and taste delicious? We have your covered. We haven’t had a ‘real’ winter in Brisbane for a few years but this year we’ve managed quite a few chilly Brisbane mornings. Today the wind is blowing a…

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homemade laundry powder recipe

Our Laundry Powder Recipe

18 May 2021

Buying all natural laundry powder is better for us and the planet but if you’d like to take it one step further we’ve got a powerful all natural laundry powder recipe for you to make at home. With just four ingredients and your choice of essential oils this homemade washing powder recipe is quick and…

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silicone vs silicon

Silicone vs Plastic & the Difference between Silicon & Silicone

26 April 2021

We are surrounded by products that use silicone/silicon these days from sprays like WD40 to cookware, shampoos and soaps. Silicone has been marketed as a safe, planet friendly alternative to plastic but is it? Is it a safe alternative to plastic? Before we look too deeply at silicone we thought it was important to understand…

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healthy carrot cake recipe

Our best carrot cake recipe

21 April 2021

We felt all inspired after Easter to make a healthy carrot cake with a big dollop of spiced hot cross bun flavour.  So here it is out very owned Spiced Carrot Cake. Good news – if you or your family are gluten or dairy free we’ve taken the guess work out of this recipe and…

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We show you how to make toilet bombs.

Toilet Bomb Recipe

02 March 2021

If you’ve been looking for a simple but effective DIY toilet bowl cleaner we have an easy to make recipe you can use to make your very own toilet bombs. These eco friendly toilet bombs are made from everyday non toxic items you may already have around your house. DIY toilet bombs replace store bought…

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Nude food in the school lunchbox

Nude Food in the lunchbox made simple

22 February 2021

The perennial problem for many families is how to make healthy and appealing school lunches quickly and easily without adding to the plastic pollution problem. Many schools have been encouraging children to bring “nude food”. That is, food that doesn’t involve cling wrap, zip lock bags or pre-packed individually wrapped food. This includes many lunch…

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Gluten Gingerbread

Gingerbread recipe

16 February 2021

  A yummy easy gingerbread recipe for anytime but definitely a great option to bake for a nude food snack in the school lunch box. We’ve even included notes so you can make this gingerbread man recipe gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan. Happy baking.

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David Attenborough - A life on our planet

A must watch – A Life on Our Planet

27 October 2020

This year has brought many unexpected changes to our lives. For us it has shone the spotlight more brightly on why we must act now for the planet and for the future of our children. We are the witnesses to another defining moment in our plane’s history and the individual decisions we are making right…

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Entertaining eco style

Entertaining eco style

20 October 2020

Summer is almost here and the weather is perfect for entertaining and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Entertaining with the planet in mind doesn’t require you to throw your style sensibilities out the window. In fact we think you’ll find it’s fun when you let your eco imagination go wild. Whether it’s a…

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teacher gift ideas

Our top teacher gift ideas for under $25

13 October 2020

With a little thought and planning you can buy an eco-friendly gift for your children’s teachers this year that will do no harm to the planet, thank your teacher and support a local small business. Here ae some ideas to get you started: Tomato Relish or Mango Chutney or a similar artisan made conserve in…

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