About us

Sue and Nikki in a bushland setting

Our vision

Our products are founded on the idea that everything we use daily – things like toothbrushes, lunch boxes and food covers - should do no harm to the planet or our bodies. These must be made from renewable sources and be reusable with a long life or be compostable so that we are not adding to the pollution of our planet.

Plastic Free Alternatives is a family business and having young children and feeling concerned about the health of our planet we felt compelled to be the change we want to see and to promote this to help others make the change too.

We believe that if every person takes small positive steps together we can have a BIG impact on healing the current pollution problems and preventing further problems.

When we discovered that a plastic bag or piece of plastic wrap takes 1000 years to break down or maybe NEVER and that chemicals such as BPA have been found in breast milk.  We knew that we had to take BIG steps to educate and offer choices to encourage others to commit to making the change – one step at a time.

Nikki and Sue