Bee-Tastic Beeswax Sandwich Bag


Our Bee-Tastic Beeswax Sandwich Bags are perfect for anyone who loves zip lock bags but doesn’t love the plastic. These reusable plastic free bags are generously proportioned to easily fit a sandwich.

Size: approximately 44cm x 20cm

We only use local organic Australian bees wax, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil plus your choice of either certified organic cotton fabric or Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles cotton fabric to create these practical reusable, plastic free bags with natural antibacterial properties.

Care Instructions: Wash your bag in cool water with a mild soap, rinse and air dry. Fold and store in your kitchen cupboard or drawer. We recommend washing your bags before use.

Never use in microwaves, ovens or dishwashers.

We don’t recommend covering meat and meat products.

Beeswax bags used following these care instructions generally last a year or more

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