Our top teacher gift ideas for under $25

teacher gift ideas

With a little thought and planning you can buy an eco-friendly gift for your children’s teachers this year that will do no harm to the planet, thank your teacher and support a local small business. Here ae some ideas to get you started: Tomato Relish or Mango Chutney or a similar artisan made conserve in…

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Wonderful stainless steel safety razors are back!

safety razors

With excitement and some trepidation I have recently switched to a safety razor. My husband has been using his Parker safety razor for sometime now but I hadn’t made the switch as I was using my old razor’s store of blades. Double edged safety razors have been around since the 1900’s but since the 1970’s when disposable cartridge…

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Soaking it up!

epsom salts floral soak

Sinking into a warm bath, with candles, peace and some me time…after juggling school at home for multiple children all in different classes, not to mention also working from home  – sounds like absolute bliss. The recipe we are sharing with you today takes soaking in the bath to a whole new level. Try experimenting…

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Upcycling – a gift that keeps on giving

Why not give a gift made by upcycling this year. With three weeks to Mother’s Day there is still time to plan a great way to breath new life into tired old objects hanging around your home. With a little bit of time, some unused items and a sprinkle of innovation you can create a…

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