Keeping Your Reusable Water Bottle Clean and Healthy


When was the last time you cleaned your reusable water bottle?

This is a gentle reminder to clean your water bottle regularly because from your first sip of water each time you use your bottle whatever was on your lips or in your mouth leaves traces in your remaining water. Yes even bits of food can end up in your water bottle so take care each day to give it a good clean.

If like me you have in the past found it difficult to find a good bottle cleaner then you will be as thrilled as I was to find this one. Our eco max bottle brush is perfect for giving your bottle a good scrub with hot soapy water and don’t forget to scrub around the top where your mouth goes. Rinse and upend the bottle to ensure it dries out completely. I regularly add drops of lemon essential oil to my water so it is even more important that I give my bottle a really thorough scrub to remove any residue to prevent build up and a breeding ground for bacteria!!

Happy cleaning

Tip: When refilling your water bottle during the day or overnight discard any left over water to keep it fresh.